Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Funnies First-Day-of-Issue Ceremony

To All Stamp Collectors!On July 16th I represented Archie Comics and my late husband Michael I. Silberkleit's request to the United States Post Office to have an Archie Comic Stamp .
It came to life at  the Ohio State University, over a hundred stamp collectors and comic fans came for First Day of  Issue Ceremony.This may help elevate the art of WRITING and communicating by employing these fun stamps!Check out your local Post Office for the Sunday Funnies Stamp collection. Beetle Bailey, Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield and Dennis Menace will  be there too to place a smile on your face ( and envelope LOL)!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comic Book Fairs for Fundraising

Starting in December 2009, I launched a new division of Archie Comics called Comic Book Fairs.  I  was an elementary school teacher for years, and I found that comic books were a great way for kids to bridge the gap between picture books and chapter books. Also, comics make reading fun again, and encourage reading for pleasure. My idea behind Comic Book Fairs is to get kids back into reading for fun and to help them learn about exciting career opportunities in comic books. Since we've launched the division, Comic Book Fairs have been happening all over the country, and we are continually trying to get more and more schools and states involved.

This past June, we have appointed Rodger High as Comic Book Fair ambassador to Arkansas. Rodger has accepted to work on bringing Comic Book Fairs to the state, and thereby continues to promote reading all around the country. Comic Book Fairs are the next best thing, be sure to keep checking back to stay updated, and check out our website for more information on hosting your own Comic Book Fair!